Bulk and Bundled Firewood Now Available

Bulk and Bundled Firewood Now Available

Manufacturers of Premium Quality Decorative Landscaping Mulch

Clifton Recycling, Incorporated (CRI) is a locally owned and operated business that started in 1991. Our specialty has been manufacturing wood mulch. This has developed and expanded in to other areas of business. CRI now provides landscaping materials, tub grinding green waste and various types of material trucking and equipment hauling, we service a broad range of customers from home owners all the way to large municipalities. Bundled firewood now available for your camping, bonfire and backyard fire needs.

New York State Nursery and Landscape Association New York State County Highway Superintendents Association

Syracuse: (315) 463-1170

Clay: (315) 288-5250


CRI strives to produce a quality affordable mulch product. Using wood mulch is beneficial to your landscaping. Mulch helps with water retention, weed control and beautification. Colored mulch helps define your existing landscape. Playground quality mulch is best used for schools and public parks.

  • Red-
    Color: dark brick red (not orange)
    Description: Twice ground to 1 3/4" size wood scrap, logs and slab wood. Color enhanced with a long lasting water based colorant dye.
  • Brown-
    Color: earthy dark brown (UPS truck brown)
    Description: Twice ground to 1 3/4" size wood scrap, logs and slab wood. Color enhanced with a long lasting water based colorant dye.
  • Black-
    Color: deep black
    Description: Twice ground to 1 3/4" size wood scrap, logs and slab wood. Color enhanced with a long lasting water based colorant dye.
  • Natural Plain-
    Color: natural aged wood, dark tan
    Description: Twice ground to 1 3/4" size wood scrap, logs and slab wood. (Contains NO dye)
  • Bark-
    Color: Dark bark color. (Contains NO dye)
    Description: Ground fresh hemlock and other softwood barks.
  • Playground Wood Chips-
    Color: light blond
    Description: Made solely from logs at a sawmill
    (Please call for availability)


CRI supplies products to New York state nurseries, garden centers, and landscapers as well as commercial property developers, municipalities and schools.

Please call for bulk and wholesale pricing.

Downloads available:


  • Sand-
    Color: brown Product: play sand, pool fill, swimming pool sand, poor for drainage, will compact
  • Mason Sand-
    Color: A little darker brown than other mason sands.
    Product: 3/32" minus clean washed sand, making cement for brick laying, or as beach sand.
  • #3/4 Mixed-
    Color: Multi colored mostly grey
    Product: Baseball size, clean stone, use for drainage or decorative.
  • Gabion Stone (Rip Rap)
    Color: Grey
    Product: 5" plus, Erosion control, can be put in baskets or in ditches
    *Property owner must sign a waiver for delivery
  • Pennsylvania Red Crushed-
    Color: Dark Red
    Product: 3/4" crushed red stone with hints of purple and lilac.
  • St Lawrence Granite-
    Color: Multi colored
    Product: #2 crushed granite, glittery.
  • 1B Stone-
    Color: grey Product: also known as stone dust, 3/8 minus, stone chips and dust, poor for drainage, will compact.
  • Run of Crush-
    Color: grey Product: also known as crush a run, mixture of stones 1 1/2" -dust, good for compaction, poor drainage. Commonly used for filling pot holes.
  • Pea Gravel-
    Color: varied Product: 1/2" minus, washed natural stone. Use for drainage or decorative.
  • #2 Grey Round Washed Rock-
    Color: multi colored mostly grey Product: 2" minus, clean stone, Use for drainage or decorative.
  • #2 Red Round Washed Rock-
    Color: multi colored mostly red Product: 2" minus, clean stone, Use for drainage or decorative.
  • #2 Red Crushed Stone-
    Color: multi colored mostly red Product: 2" minus, clean stone, Use for drainage or decorative.
  • Timberlite Stone-
    Color: mix of brown, tan, coral and black.
    Product: lava rock type texture, mix of 3/4"-2" sizes, used for decoration
  • ITEM 57 (RED)-
  • Woodland Cobble-
  • Please call, we have other varieties/types available.


  • Topsoil-
    Our topsoil comes from clean virgin material that is screened and stored under cover.
  • Compost-
    Compost is made from brush, grass, leaves and saw dust. We feed it through the tub grinder and let it sit for a year to break down. It then goes through the screening plant to break down through 5/8 minus screens. This is an excellent product for adding nutrients to your landscaping.


Our bundled firewood is perfect for all your camping, bonfire and backyard fire needs.

  • Bundled Firewood Available - in stock
  • Cord Wood Delivery Available - please call

Wood Dumping

Clean wood waste can be dumped at the CRI Syracuse facility for a fee. It is used for making mulch.

Tree limbs, grass, leaves and stumps can be dumped at the CRI facility for a fee. These are used for compost.

Logs, trees that are 4" in diameter or larger and trees that have been feed through a chipper can be accepted for free. These products must be separated from other products.

Public Scales

CRI Syracuse has a certified public truck scale. The scale is open to the public for both private and commercial vehicles. Certified scale tickets are available. A weigh master can help you with your gross vehicle weight, split load weight, DMV weight, or military move.
Size of scale: 60 feet x 9 ft, above ground, Weight limit 125,000 lb
Military weights are done for free as a courtesy.


Clifton Recycling has been involved in organic wood grinding since 1997. We have gone from a little 300 horse power tub grinder to a massive 1,000 horse power grinder we use now. We service all local areas around Central New York, grinding for towns, cities, county, state, and private customers. We have the ability to grind any of your wood recycling needs. CRI has been involved in many FEMA storm jobs. Our grinding crews have worked in CNY to Texas. (Labor Day storm, Buffalo ice storm, Rita, Wilma, Katrina, Isabel) Our grinder and operators can work with your equipment on a project or we can provide the necessary ground support to complete any scope size of a job. Even the hauling away of the wood grindings to complete the job.

Hauling / Trucking

Our knowledgeable drivers are courteous and safe with many years of local and long distance trucking experience. CRI has a variety of trucks and trailers ranging from dump trucks, dump trailers, walking floors, low boy, and roll off.

Walking floor: our largest trailer can hold up to 120 cubic yards of wood products.

Dump trailer: tri axle aluminum, framed, 60 cubic yard capable carrying soil, compost, mulch, stone and salt.

Low boy: 28 ft x 8.6ft, capable of any small to large load up to 50 tons.

Roll off: Has the ability of delivering a 30+ cubic yard box for your waste needs. CRI can place, pick up, and dump containers for wood, concrete, dirt and debris.

Dump trucks: local deliveries from home owners to large companies.


Wood Dumping Fees: (Available at Syracuse location only)

 Trees, Brush, Pallets, Grass, Leaves$45.00 per ton
 Stumps and Spools$60.00 per ton
 Dirty - Any loads mixed with trash$100.00 per ton
Please NO painted, stained, pressure treated, creosote or coated wood

Dumping Fees: (Available at Syracuse location only)

 Blacktop, Dirt, Concrete/Tile/Granite$12.00 per ton

Mulch & Organics:

 Colored (red, black, brown)$32.00 per yard
 Natural Plain Mulch$25.95 per yard
 Bark Mulch$25.95 per yard
 Wood Playground Chips (certified)$40.00 per yard
 Screened Organic Compost$23.95 per yard
 Screened Top Soil$32.00 per yard

Stone Products:

 Sand (Playground or Mason)$32.00 per yard
 Stone dust$32.00 per yard
 Run of crush$32.00 per yard
 Pea Gravel$37.00 per yard
 #2 Round (red or grey)$37.00 per yard
 #2 Round Crushed (red only)$37.00 per yard
 3/4 Mixed Round (grey only)$37.00 per yard
 Rip Rap (gabion)*$37.00 per yard
 Timberlite Stone$90.00 per yard
 St Lawrence Crushed Granite$80.00 per yard
 Pennsylvania Red Crushed$95.00 per yard
 ITEM 57 (RED)$32.00 per yard
 Coastal Crush$90.00 per yard
 Woodland Cobble$70.00 per yard
 Coastal Crush$90.00 per yard
*Property owner must sign a waiver for delivery

Syracue Delivery Charges:

 1-8 cubic yards$35.00
 9-12 cubic yards (topsoil/compost/stone - 10 cubic yards max)$65.00
 13-30 cubic yards$125.00
 31-100 cubic yards$180.00

Clay Delivery Charges:

 1-8 cubic yards (mulch)
(topsoil/compost/stone - 4 cubic yards max)
 Delivery is available to the surrounding areas: Clay, Cicero, Brewerton, Central Square, Bridgeport, North Syracuse, Baldwinsville and Liverpool

Prices may vary depending on distance and please note there may be a fuel surcharge due the rising cost of diesel and gas. Please ask your sales person for a price when you order.

Please call for bulk and wholesale pricing


Q: How do I place an order for materials?
A: All orders must be placed by calling our Syracuse office at (315) 463-1170 or Clay office at (315) 288-5250. You may also place orders in person in either store location.

Q: How is payment arranged?
A: Payment may be made by cash, check, credit cards (Discover, VISA, MasterCard or American Express) or by opening an account. Payment by cash or check may be made to the driver at the time of delivery. Payment by credit cards must be made to the main office either in person or by phone. If you would like to open a commercial account for billing, please contact our office.

Q: What are your hours?
A: Our hours vary by season.
Syracuse - Monday-Friday 7:30 - 4:30
Syracuse - Saturday - Call for times
Syracuse - Closed Sunday
Clay - Monday-Friday 7:30 - 5:00 pm
Clay - Saturday - Call for times
Clay - Closed Sunday

Q: How do I contact you?
A: The best and quickest way to contact us is by phone: Syracuse office (315) 463-1170 or Clay office (315) 288-5250. You can also visit our office in person, or contact us by E-mail, postal mail, or fax. More information is available at our Contact page on this website. Orders can only be placed by phone or in person.

Q: How much material do I need?
A: To calculate: Measure the length, width, and depth of the area that you plan to cover. Remember to measure the depth in feet (e.g. 4 inches = .333 feet). Multiply the length, width, and depth together. Divide that product by 27 to convert to cubic yards.

  Total Length: (feet) Total Width: (feet) Thickness of Mulch: (inches)
Total Cubic Yards Needed:

Mulch should be applied to a 3 inch depth:

The conversion factor from cubic yards to tons varies depending on the type of material you are using. Materials such as screened topsoil and mulch do not have a good conversion factor, since they retain water weight so well. Here are approximations of weight: topsoil - 1,500 lb, mulch-950 lb, stone products-2,000 lb, sand-2,500 lb

Q: What material should I use for my project?
A: Our Products page found here online will help to answer this question, but as a general rule it helps to ask yourself the following: Are you looking for a material that will drain, or one that will pack? Are you looking for something that will be moved by machine, or by "hand" or shovel? Is the material supposed to fulfill a decorative need, or will the material eventually be buried under other material? ... Also, consider the effects of the existing site (wet, dry, sandy, heavy clay content) and the weather or time of year. Some materials (select fill is one example) do not work nearly as well in wet conditions as they do in dry site conditions.

Q: Can I pick up materials at your locations?
A: Yes. We can load your truck or trailer with our 1 yard bucket (or larger). You may shovel smaller amounts into your own containers or vehicle for a fee.

Q: What services do you offer in addition to simply dumping loads of materials?
A: We offer delivery to your site for each of our products, and leave them in a pile from which you may distribute as you please.

Q: Do you accept materials other than wood for recycling?
A: Yes, we accept the following materials only:
Concrete, Blacktop, Fill (dirt or stone) The charges for accepting these materials is based on the load size. Please call us for more information. We CANNOT accept any material containing painted wood, stained wood, pressure treated wood, metal, glass, plastic, foam, creosote, railroad ties or trash.

Q: What is your delivery area?
A: We deliver most of our material within Central New York.

Q: What should I know about having bulk materials delivered at my house?
A: Some facts about our dump trucks may help you understand the constraints that we have to manage in making deliveries. Our dump trucks can stand nearly 12 feet high when their boxes are down, and when the boxes are raised they can reach nearly 25 feet tall, they are also 9+ feet wide. When loaded, our trucks could weigh up to 35 tons-they can leave ruts on lawns when asked to leave the roadway. Where our trucks go on customers' property is entirely at the discretion of the customer and driver. The customer assumes the risks involved and will have to sign a waiver for responsibility. CRI is not responsible for lawns, curbs, sidewalks, driveways, underground hazards or towing. Tractor trailer loads must have flat, level, hard ground. They can be 70 feet in length, 10 feet wide and weigh up to 100,000 lbs. Dump trailers will go 40 feet in the air.
  • Click here for the property disclaimer waiver

  • Q: What is the dye made of?
    A: Colorants are safe for use around your yard and home, and are safe for your pets and kids to play around. The commitment to the environment means that the formulations of our colorants to be not only effective, but safe and avoids using any hazardous or threatening material in its colorants. To make colorants, the colorant company uses materials also used in products like lipsticks, cosmetics and food containers. And has always used water-based formulations (rather than solvent-based)

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    Contact Us

    Syracuse Location
    3400 Court Street | Syracuse, NY 13206

    Phone: (315) 463-1170
    Fax: (315) 431-0234
    Email: CliftonRecycling@gmail.com
    Clay Location
    5332 Route 31 | Clay, NY 13401

    Phone: (315) 288-5250
    Email: CliftonRecycling@gmail.com
    Monday-Friday (year round) 7:30-4:30 pm
    Saturday - Call for times
    Closed on Sunday
    Monday - Friday 7:30-5:00 pm
    Saturday - Call for times
    Closed on Sunday
    Open for the season

    Directions to Syracuse Location

    From Route 81:
    Exit 26 (Mattydale), towards Route 11 South, turn left onto Factory Avenue, turn right onto Townline Road, heads into Military Circle exit towards Court Street (Rt 298) (NOT Court Street Road), once under the railroad bridge turn right into the side street that accesses our business. CRI is on the right after STS and Mays.

    From Route 690: Exit 14 onto Teall Avenue North at end of Teall turn right onto Court Street. Go less than 1/4 mile turn left onto the access road to our business. CRI is the first business on the left.

    From New York State Thruway:
    Exit 35(Syracuse, East Syr), follow signs to Route 298 West, go around Carrier Circle and then to Military Circle. Exit towards Court Street (Rt 298) (NOT Court Street Road), once under the railroad bridge turn right into the side street that accesses our business. CRI is on the right after STS and Mays.

    *Most GPS software is WRONG and puts 3400 Court Street on the wrong side of the road!!